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Life is pain, Highness.

Anyone who says differently is selling something.

17 April 1986
I'm crazy and I just like to have a little fun. I enjoy being with good friends, watching strange & foreign movies, playing WOW, reading, and spending some quality time with my Wii. I love art and I get the urge go out and dance form time to time. I'm open minded, fun loving, sarcastic, and very opinionated.

I am an Art teacher for Kindergarten through 5th grade. I have over 700 students this year so please forgive the lack of new content on my LJ.
alligators, alternate history, american gods, amy pond, anansi boys, art, baking, bbc radio 1, blind guardian, bones, bones mccoy, books, bork, buffy, captain jack harkness, captain john hart, captain kirk, cats, ceramics, charlaine harris, chris pine, chris/zach, chuck, conventions, cooking, cosplay, costume design, costumes, costuming, crafts, david tennant, doctor who, doom, dr mccoy, dr. horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dr. who, dragon*con, drarry, drawing, ds9, education, environmental conservation, eric northman, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fanart, fanfic, felicia day, firefly, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, galaxy quest, game of thrones, gaming, good omens, gqmf's, harry potter, harry/draco, heroes, house, ianto jones, james marsters, jim kirk, jim/bones, john barrowman, joss whedon, karl urban, karl/viggo, kirk/bones, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, leonard mccoy, literature, lord of the rings, lotr, matt smith, mccoy, mccoy/kirk, movies, mumford & sons, music, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, neil patrick harris, organ trail, outsourced, painting, pinto, pottery, prf, printmaking, reading, red, river song, role playing games, rory williams, rpf, rpg, rps, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, sewing, sex, slash, sookie stackhouse, spike, spock, spock/uhura, spork, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek tos, star trek xi, stardust, starfleet, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, steampunk, swimming, tea, the doctor, the it crowd, the tenth doctor, tng, tolkien, torchwood, tos, travel, traveling, trekkie, tribbles, true blood, united federation of planets, uss enterprise, viggo mortensen, viggo/orlando, voltaire, watercolours, world of warcraft, wow, writing, x-files, zachary quinto, zachary quinto/chris pine